First Baptist Church Staff

Contact:(501) 374- 9394

Rev. William L. Robinson – Pastor
Sis. Evelyn Sims-Coley – Church Secretary
Sis. Veta Enoch – Administrative Assistant
Sis. Linda Slater – Administrative Assistant
Bro. Willis Stewart – Building Facilitator

2018 Ministries

All Ministry Leaders are appointed to serve by Pastor William L. Robinson.  For more information about First Baptist Ministries – contact the Church Secretary at 501/374-9394 or Sister Euleta Ware – Director of the Board of Christian Education at 501/945-4063. 

Deacon Board Ministry

First Baptist Church of North Little Rock Deacons are selected by the Church to aid and assist the Pastor with the Ordinances of Church and other Membership Needs.

Contact:  the Church Secretary at  501/374-9394 if you need assistance from the Deacon Board Ministry.

Trustee Ministry

Contact:(501) 374-9394.

First Baptist Church of North Little Rock Trustee Ministry consists of Men and Women of God. They must be grounded in the Holy Word of God and have a strong sense of business. Trustee Members must be tempered, and not be contentious. Trustees are appointed by the Pastor.

For more information on church finances, property or assets related to the Trustee Ministry; contact the Church Administrator.


Board of Christian Education

Contact:Sis. Euleta Ware, Director (501) 945-4063

The Board of Christian Education consists of all Ministry Leaders of the Church. Monthly Meetings are held each first Saturday to discuss and inform Leaders of past, present and future activities/events scheduled to maintain and coordinate properly planned Services.

Deaconess and Ministers’ Wives Ministry

Contact: Sis. Bobbie Sanders (501) 851-0234

The responsibility of this Ministry is to coordinate with the Pastor and Deacons in promoting the spiritual welfare of the Church. They will also assist the Pastor and Deacons with the Ordinances of the Church. This is not a Ministry you join – you must be married to a Deacon or Minister to be a member.

Welcome and Greeters Ministry

Contact: Chairperson Sis. Deborah Robinson at (501) 374-9394 or E-mail  welcome and Greeters Ministry is an organized way for our members to help visitors feel welcomed and help them to have an uplifting experience with our congregation so they will want to come back or even become a part of our church family. A Greeter must be kind, friendly, alert, accepting of others, loving of others, understanding, warm, considerate, and sensitive to the needs of others with a heart for God and His people.

If this is you, and you’re looking for a Ministry that only requires a honest smile and a heartfelt handshake then the Greeters Ministry is the Ministry for you.

Singles Ministry

Contact: Deacon Clinton and Sis. Bobbie Sanders (501) 851-0234 or E-mail: or

Who Can Attend: Single men or women, widows/widowers, who are 18 years or older.

Description: To teach and encourage individuals who are single to live as Godly Christians. Teaching them how to be totally committed to God’s word and how to live victorious lives in Jesus Christ.

Mission: To provide practical tools for being saved and living a single life and bringing single adults together in an effort to increase their knowledge and understanding of God’s word through teaching, bible study and fellowship in an effort to achieve oneness with God. Join us on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Male Usher Board:

Contact: Bro. Eddie Lee

Mission: Ushering is working together in unity as one, to put forth our best efforts to serve God; rendering a service to members and guests with courtesy while still being energetic, respectful, sincere and alert.

Requirements: A member of the Male usher Board, should be a member of the church in good standing, and has completed orientation.

Men – if you are excited about God and excited about serving people – join our Male Usher Board.

Wedding Ministry:

Contact: Sis. Faye Parker (501) 351-7922

If you are planning a wedding at First Baptist Church – Sis. Parker will work closely with the bride and her coordinator to help make the special day a very happy occasion.

Funeral Ministry:

Contact: Sis. Faye Parker (501) 351-7922

The Funeral Ministry is coordinated by Sis. Faye Parker. Sis Parker will work closely with the bereaved family members in organizing a well planned Home-going Service for their loved one.

Sick and Shut In Ministry

Contact Sis. Faye Parker (501) 351-7922  or the Church Secretary Sis. Evelyn Coley (501 374-9394

If you or a family member enters the hospital either through an emergency or by an appointment- we want to know. Contact us immediately.

Children’s Church Ministry:

Contact:    Sis. Doris Murray, Sis. Felicious Woods or Shandreka Woods

Alfredricka Cones and Minister Nathaniel Floyd, Children’s Church Minister

The purpose of the First Baptist Children’s Church Ministry is to reach and teach the children on their level through praise, worship and Biblical teaching. It is our goal to teach the children scriptures, and encourage them to trust in God; for the Savior can and does use children for His glory as well as adults.

Men’s Ministry

Contact: Deacon Percy Beverley (501) 804-2055 or E-mail

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living.

The Men’s Ministry is twofold both Spiritual and Physical. Deals with the total man through motivational speakers, Spiritual lessons, and with wonderful fellowships. If you are trying to be a better husband, father, brother, uncle or Christian then the Men’s Ministry is the place for you.

There is a bond being formed from this brother hood. The Bible speaks of being thy brother’s keeper. Come and be apart of this awesome fellowship of brothers. If you have any questions are have ideas that can be used in the Brotherhood Ministry – reach out to Deacon Percy Beverley ~ Chairperson

Security Ministry

Contact:   Bro. Darby Williams (501) 940-684

or E-mail

The First Baptist Security Ministry is made up of a group of men and women determined to work and protect the church and its members. The Security Ministry is in need of honest and reliable members to join in securing the Church and the Church premises. If you are interested in this ministry please call Bro. Benny McDonald ~ Chairperson or Bro. Darby Williams ~ Assistant Chairperson.

Youth Department

Contact: Sis. Wendy Jones (501) 374-9394

We exist to equip young people with the tools necessary to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. Our goal is to impact the lives of young people through the message of the Bible to create young men and women who love Christ and have a passion for serving ALL people.

The Youth Department is made up of ministries geared toward the needs and interests of young people.


Building Fund Ministry

Contact:  Deacon Clinton Sanders  (501) 851-0234

Donate to the Building Fund – you will be blessed.


Family Life Center Ministry

Contact:  Deacon Etroy Lyons (501) 225-0182

Plans are underway for the Family Life Center.  Give to the Building Fund Ministry.


Sunday School Ministry

Contact:  Deacon Walter Sanders  (501) 952-5444


First Baptist Health Ministry

Contact:  Church Secretary – Sis. Evelyn Coley


Women’s Ministry

Contact:  Sis. Laura Landrum ( 501) 753-9786


Male Chorus Ministry

Contact:  Bro. Don Ware


Couples In Christ Ministry

Contact:  Deacon Lonzo and Sister Carrie Stewart

All married couples and engaged couples are invited to attend the Couples in Christ monthly Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.


Sanctuary Choir Ministry

Call the Church at (501) 374-9394

for more details about becoming a Member of the Choir and rehearsal dates.