From The Pastor’s Pen

“Thank You – Thank You!”

To My Beloved First Baptist and Friends:

I greet you in love, joy and peace – to God be the glory for all the great things He has done.  Welcome to each of you and thank all of you for being here today as we celebrate my 37th year as Pastor.  Today, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude: thirty-seven years, can you believe it?  Just when I look back over all these years – the sermons, teaching, baptisms, hospital visits, weddings, funerals, traveling, and so many more pastoral duties I have experienced; the list goes on and on – I have to say, thank you Lord!

I am extremely blessed to pastor this caring and sharing Church for thirty-seven years.  Sis. Doris Lyons and every Member of the Servants’ Help Ministry, I truly thank you.  This entire Church Family, Administrative Staff, my Family and my Friends; your presence here today means so much to me. 

First Baptist, thank you for sticking with me, praying for me, believing in me and giving me a chance.  I miss so much, the wonderful members who once walked, worked and worshipped from the old location and even at this location.  So many have answered the Heavenly Roll Call, but their presence still lingers on.  Thank you to the many new Members that have been added to our Membership Roster – your presence means the world to me.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and your followship; we shall continue to grow and do his Mighty Ministry Work for the Kingdom of God.

As a Church we must remain faithful, steadfast and committed.  Let us go forward and take possession of all that God has promised us.  Let the Church say Amen.

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In Him,

     Pastor William L. Robinson