From The Pastor’s Pen

“First Baptist, Happy New Year 2019”

To My Beloved First Baptist and Friends:

It is with great joy that I greet you in peace and love today. Thanks be unto the Lord for this day – let me say to each of you, welcome to the Lord’s House.  To all of our Youth here on today, great things are in store for you and many things are in place.  I just need you, all of you, to be at your best behavior at all times; at home, in school and even at Church.

First Baptist and Parents – today’s youth are facing many new inventions; so called easy ways to fame and fortune, so many that many of our youth lose their way.  To our Youth and Teenagers; this year always be on guard against freebies and shortcuts to acquire money.  Young ladies, I admonish you to be stylish in your dress, but be a Christian first – leaving some things to the imagination.  Young men always know that you can talk to me your Pastor.  I am here for you; I have been your age.

First Baptist and Leaders of 2019; people need Jesus.  So, let’s get rid of our extracurricular, infighting – weaning the mask, and attempts at relevance and just be basic Bible Believing Billboards – pointing people to Jesus this year.  And please, please members and leaders, take it from me, be careful of the Judas in your life that keeps one foot with your enemy and the other with you.  See you at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday Night – we had a great start last week! 

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Upcoming Events

16th Annual City-Wide Quartet Musical

Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.


 First Baptist Male Chorus

The Golatt Links of Harmony

The Revive Singers

The Zion Five Singers

Bishop Kenneth Robinson and Chosen

Austin Hill and Renewed

Eternal Life Singers of Marianna

The Wells Brothers of Earle

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  In Him, 

                                           Pastor William L. Robinson