From The Pastor’s Pen

“As the year 2019 comes to a close – what A Blessing!”

To My Beloved First Baptist and Friends:

Greetings to all of you on this day that we have been blessed to see.  First Baptist, I am so proud of every member of this Church who has been loyal, faithful and committed and I thank you for your followship.  As your Pastor and as we head into the Season of love, thanksgiving and celebrations; again, I say thank you for your faithful giving, faithful attendance and thank you for your prayers.  In order to have a great and strong Churchwe must keep our focus on Jesus Christ.  As the year 2019 comes to a close, my heart is filled with much gratitude to our God for this Church Family.

This year, we have progressed in many areas of our Church, but we have much more to do.  It is my prayer that as we move forward in planning for the year 2020:

  • We will remember our prodigal brothers and sisters, and those who are struggling with the many trials and tribulations.
  • We will pray much for our Church and our many members and that we will be a blessing to the Community through our Worship and Praise Services and our Teaching Ministries.
  • We will focus on our Youth and Ministries that will strengthen them to do the Work of Kingdom Building.

Look back only to see how far you have come and look forward and know that we have the Word of God as a sign that the Lord is indeed with you.  Let the Church say Amen.


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In Him,

     Pastor William L. Robinson