North Little Rock, Arkansas

Rev. William L. Robinson, Pastor

Church Anniversary All Star Award Recognition Application

First Baptist Church (FBC) has a rich history of growth and membership!  This has occurred over the many years due to church members engaging in the work to improve the church.  Since 1874, FBC has grown tremendously due to church members’ hard work, dedication, collaboration, and ongoing support!  This year (2018), we will be implementing the “All Star” Awards Recognition program, whereby, a church member will be nominated, selected, recognized, and awarded for his/her:

  • Hard work and support in the church,
  • Church commitment and efficiency,
  • Community service, and
  • So much more!

There are two terms that are defined below so that the application process will be clear.  They include:

  1. Applicant, which is the person who is being recommended and will not know anything about the award until the evening of the banquet.
  2. Nominee, which is the person who is making the recommendation and collecting all the information on the applicant.

There are five sections to the award application, whereby, only the first two pages are submitted (Section One).  All other information provides instructions on how to complete the application and where to go if you have questions.

SECTION I: Applicant/Nominee Information

Date: ___/___/___               

Nominee’s Name: ______________________________________             Membership Date: _____________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________           

Telephone Number: ____________________________________              Email address: _________________


Name of Person Recommending the Applicant: ______________________________________

Email Address:  ___________________________________          Phone: _____________________



Stars One –Five, Required Criteria:

Star One:  Applicant must be a member of the First Baptist Church in North Little Rock, AR.


Star Two: Applicant pays tithes and attend First Baptist Church.


Star Three: Applicant must have completed at least one project within the church. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Star Four:  Applicant must be engaged in some type of community service each year.


Star Five:  An applicant who has demonstrated the highest professional and ethical standards, extraordinary leadership in serving FBC by exemplifying excellence in mentoring and showing support for fellow Christian members in the church. 


Please write a brief statement as to why you are nominating this person.  Please feel free to use any of the information examples in section three that will support the information written below:



Additional Stars:  Please share any additional (do not repeat the information that is already listed above) information that you feel is needed to support this person for this dynamic award.  Please feel free to add one additional page (if needed) for your write up in this section.  PLEASE WRITE LEGIABLE!


SECTION II: 2018 All-Star Church Application

Instructions and Qualifier Prerequisites for All Star Levels

• To apply for the Church Anniversary All-Star Award, the nominee is responsible for collecting all information on the applicant.

• These criteria apply for mission service and outreach completed during the calendar year 2017-18.

• Attendance and membership information will be shared with the nominee in order to submit correct and documented information.


Star One: Being a member of First Baptist Church includes the following 3 steps:

Step 1
Present yourself for membership during the invitation of any Worship Service. At the close of each Worship Service, our Pastor will extend an invitation for you to come forward.


Step 2
Express your desire for membership through one of the following means:
(a) Candidate for Baptism
(b) By Transfer of Membership by Letter
(c) Christian Experience
(d) Watch care


Step 3
Attend the 4-Week Orientation Class for New Members.
This special orientation class for all new members will give you essential information to help you become a fulfilled, functioning member of our church.


Star Two: First Baptist Church understands that some church members have jobs that require them to work on some Sundays, however, applicants will need to attend church when they can, but always remember to pay their church tithes as stated in the Church Covenant.

Star Three:  This star includes completing a project or serving on a board or committee in the church.  The applicant must serve on a board or committee, teach classes, or sing in the choir, etc. in the church.  To qualify for this star, please provide the dates and location of your project, board, or committee work and please share the purpose or focus of your work in these areas.  Some examples include:

  • Singing in the Church Choir
  • Usher/Deacon Boards
  • Teaching Sunday School or Other Classes
  • Mothers of the Church Board
  • Media Specialist & Skills
  • Projects include… Church anniversary, Coordinating Youth Activities & Church Picnic, etc.

Star Four: Community service is a large part of who we are as Christians.  This star includes any community service that the applicant has completed within the past year with any agencies or organizations such as United Way, Watershed, Salvation Army, Dorcas House, Food Banks, etc.

Star Five:   Cultivating a relationship with your missionary besides financial support, how have you extended hospitality and generosity to your mission for church members?  Perhaps you have regularly prayed for your missionary and her/his ministry/family.  Have you sent birthday greetings? Have you hosted the missionary at the church/home whenever possible? Tell us how you have reached out to your church members as a member of the church family during the past years (2016-2018).



After completing Stars One through Five, additional stars may be added to their award by selecting any of the experiences below that the applicant may be engaged in during the 2017-2018 church membership year.  Please include any information from this section that applies to the work and commitment of the applicant (write all information in section one).  One star worth up to 25 weights will be given for the additional qualifying activities:

• Participating in a sponsored disaster relief effort.  Please indicate the date and location of the disaster relief effort in which you participated, and how many hours you participated. Explain what kinds of activities were performed (i.e. kits, teams, etc.).

• Sponsoring a local church activity.  Provide the dates and details about your event (For example: facilitating the planning for a church picnic, sponsoring a garage sale, etc.).

• Participating in a Conference School of Missions or a Study Tour.  Provide dates of the event, location and the number of people from your church attending (if available).

• Doing something through your church that is not listed here to further First Baptist Church’s mission.   Have you shared your creativity with the rest of the church members?  Explain what you did, how the whole church was involved, how the church benefitted, and what impact it had either on your church or your community. Please write a separate paragraph for each project or program you completed in the church in the past three years.

The winner for the “Five Star” award will receive the following:

  • Five Star Plaque,
  • Special Recognition Church T-Shirt (burgundy, white, and/or gold), and
  • Dinner with Pastor W. L. Robinson and the Five Points


SECTION IV: Scoring and Submitting Your Application

Each application will we scored based on a weighted scale of 100% using the five points listed on the application and score sheet, plus additional stars for other activities completed in the church (according to the instructions and qualifiers for all-star levels – see section two).

Click To Download: 2018 Award Application

You can submit your application any of the following ways:

  1. Complete the hard copy, scan and email it to the email address below,
  2. Fax to 501-370-9109,
  3. Hand Deliver to any of the Five Points, and
  4. Mail the application pages (pages 1 and 2) to:

Five Star Award Applications

ATTN: Jackie Govan, Church Anniversary/Five Points

P.O. Box 1012

Little Rock, AR  72203

All applications are due no later than Friday, September 14, 2018 and must be postmarked by the close of business on the same day.  Recognition will be made during the FBC Anniversary Celebration Banquet on Friday, November 2nd, which will be held at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock, AR. (More information will be announced).  We do request that all nominees attend the FBC’s Anniversary Banquet in November!


SECTION V: For More Information

If you have questions about any of the items on the application, please contact Jackie Govan at  or by calling any of the Five Points listed below:

Jackie Govan at 501- 831-1153.

Shirley Henry at 501-350-4558

Yolanda Anderson at 501-804-0734

Marlowe Bryant at 501-612-4620

Linda Slater at 501-920-0089

On behalf of the Five Points, The First Baptist Church Anniversary Committee and Pastor W.L. Robinson, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your dedication, participation, and support in nominating one of our outstanding church members for this prestigious award!  It is always kind to conduct church work that shares the love of Jesus Christ with people in your church, the community and around the world!

Five Points, Church Anniversary Committee